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 Parasites -A band which once featured the drum stylings of Dan Cofer

 Pillage Sunday - The 'Banana Splits' of Heavy Metal

May Ahn
Please report any sightings

What's going on?

Here's the story: I was wasting time one day, doing what everyone does but won't admit: I was Googling up names from the past and having a high old time finding out what losers my old friends have become. So I decided to have a look at my own name, which is DAN COFER in case you hadn't figured that out. What did I find? Precious little. "Well," I thought, "I'll do something about that you better believe it."
So I got a crappy shareware template and made myself a web site that says my name on it over and over. Dan Cofer is the name, by the way. You got it: DAN COFER. Soon, the search engines will swoop down and find the wonderful website of Dan Cofer.

 Great, but why should I care?

There's no reason you should. The links on the left will lead you to a few of the things that Dan Cofer is currently doing or has done in the past. Look at them, don't look at them, Dan Cofer doesn't care.

What's the point?

No point at all.

You may write to Dan Cofer if you so desire, although why you would desire such a thing is beyond Dan Cofer's imagination.

Dan Cofer is wasting your time. He's good at that.

Dan Cofer's smarter brother Scott.

Dan Cofer took this photo of his lovely girlfriend, Lisa, in Paris (That's in France).

Once upon a time, Dan Cofer had blonde hair, went to Japan and met a monkey.
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